Gullah Cafe

Chef Wendy Thompson, aka, Chef WinkyT

Graduating with honors in 2003, from the prestigious culinary school Baltimore International College, Chef Wendy M. Thompson, has truly earned her title as a licensed professional chef.

A New Jersey native, now residing in Concord, North Carolina, Chef Thompson plans to turn her vision into reality in the culinary world by owning her own Café. This extraordinary café will specialize in the Low Country and Caribbean cuisine culture that surrounds Charleston, South Carolina and her family roots.

Before moving to North Carolina, Chef Thompson resided in Columbia, Maryland for 10 years. There, she held several positions as a trainer and consultant for a major telecommunication company. By taking on these positions, this laid the groundwork and prompted Chef Thompson to explore customer service and training opportunities in other industries such as telecommunications, banking, and sales.

OatmealOutside of work in Maryland, her social life included being a member at the Bethel AME church in Baltimore, MD, where her pastor was Frank Reid, III. There, she was very active in the culinary ministry. She was involved in the Soup Kitchen that fed close to 100 homeless people every Saturday. She also assisted with menu planning and preparing dinners for guest speaker and bishops that visited the church. With the help of volunteers that expressed their interest in the culinary world, Chef Thompson always expressed the importance of teamwork, development, and leadership, which would develop her personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Chef Thompson also created her own home base business as a Personal Chef and caterer for the past five years. She has earned numerous recognitions from different catering events throughout the Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and New Jersey areas.

In August of 2005, Chef Thompson received her diploma from the Maryland Bartending Academy. Wendy is an expertise when it comes to the food and wine aspect of the culinary arts, and she is well versed in mixology and bar operations when running and maintaining a bar in a restaurant setting.

One of Chef Thompson’s favorite quotes from Maya Angelou reads: “Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and do them so well people can’t take their eyes off of you. All other tangible rewards will come as a result.”

Wendy Thompson, aka Chef WinkyT