Gullah Cafe

How It Works

Thank you for your interest in Gullah Café’s Personal Chef Service. My goal as a Personal Chef is to provide my clients with convenient, delicious, stress-free meals in the comfort of their own homes. Because each plan is constructed to fit each client's needs and schedule, you may have the service as often or as seldom as you like.

Initial Assessment

My service includes the initial face-to-face client assessment, customizing your menus, grocery shopping service, meal preparation in your home, packaging and cleanup. At this time you will also discuss the desired frequency of service. Many clients prefer a weekly service of typically 3 to 5 meals as this results in the freshest and most delicious dining. Less frequent service is also available, although this usually will necessitate that you freeze some of your meals. You may opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly service. The initial assessment will allow me, to prepare initial menu suggestions that will meet you and your families needs.

Weekly Preparation

Prior to each cooking date, I will review your preferences and prepare a customized menu, allowing you to make your selections for your next set of meals. This process allows you to adjust your service according to your activities for the week and to accommodate special situations, e.g., dinner guests, birthdays, etc.

Cooking Date

On the day you and I choose, I will bring the groceries and my own cooking equipment to your home to cook the meals you have selected, including the appropriate side dishes for each entrée. I will cook all of the meals in one day, package, label, date, and store them, leaving handling instructions for you. When you have the meals, at your convenience, they will taste as fresh as if you just spent the day cooking them yourself.


Pestle and SpicesMy menus include entrée, side (vegetable or salad) and bread. Also, I can include desserts should you desire. I can provide personal culinary service to fit your special needs such as low-fat or vegetarian meals, or meals tailored to diabetic needs. Currently, I have an " idea-starter" menu of entrees to ensure variety in your eating. I can also prepare your own favorite recipes, or other dishes that do not appear on the Gullah Café’s sample menu. And, client requests are always welcomed!


I thrived on feedback from my clients. So, I request that you jot down your feelings about the dishes I have prepared as you consume them. I like to collect this information weekly and use it to adjust your personal profile to ensure that my cooking is always current to your needs. Your weekly menu is a handy place to jot down these notes each week.

Personal Chef service is an affordable convenience for you. I will leave your freezer full of delicious meals, your kitchen spotlessly clean, and you with more free time to enjoy your life! I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can be your Personal Chef!

Pricing Includes

Consultation/Assessment, Planning, Preparation, Shopping, Cooking, Packaging/Storage and Clean-up!

The fees will always be discussed in advanced during our initial assessment and consultation.

  • 5 Entrees/4 Servings each w/ Matching Side Dishes
  • 5 Entrees/2 Servings each w/Matching Side Dishes
  • 3 Entrees/2 Servings each w/Matching Sides
  • Additional Charge for Desserts
  • Special Services (Dinner Parties, Cocktail Parties, Special Occasions, etc.)
    $25-30 per /Person
  • Depending on the size of the party and menu choices
    Gift Certificates

*Priced according to Personal Needs

Your Personal Chef WinkyT,

Chef WinkyT